Saturday, 26 June 2010

Laura Marling / Pete Roe - Moles - Glasto warmup

Saw Laura Marling the most intimate gig ever. Pete Roe supported...and he was amazing. Voice/music put my heart in my throat.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Lissie and Alan Pownall

I'll be honest and say that I bought the tickets to see Lissie. I wanted to hear music that reminded me of home. Lissie's from Rock Island and my roots are deeply embedded in Davenport. I actually had tears in my eyes listening to Mississippi. Memories flood back from Davenport and camping in Rock Island, swimming in the nights, bluegrass, aunts gossipping, uncles drinking beer talking sports and working on trucks... my grandma's home cooking. Lissie's voice is the stuff of legends. The raw edge brings Stevie Nicks and Patty Griffin to mind. Her album is out today and I suggest everyone buy it. I still think it's ironic to be living in Bristol and see an artist from the QC.

After Lissie, Alan Pownall and band entered the stage. I hadn't heard of Alan until I bought these tickets. I can't put my finger on him, he reminds me of a modern, less bluesy Jonny Lang, easier on the eyes though. His voice isn't quite so rickety, but give him a few years of touring, beer and cigs... it'll get there ;) He'll never see this so he wont get offended. ha. (I actually like Jonny um yeah. Well, some of his stuff). I enjoyed his set and am interested in seeing his work evolve. I felt a little bad as I think my photo taking seem to put him off a bit...and suddenly catching a glimpse of a mate I hadn't seen for awhile resulting in a loud greeting...putting a few punters off...but hey ho. I was definitely off in my photography game last night. I just didn't seem to be able to concentrate, my images are slightly disappointing. But as I wasn't there to get a 'money shot', it's fine. Note to self, don't bring a 'date' to a gig. You'll feel guilty when you wander off to take pictures.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Venue magazine

Did my first shoot for Venue covering a Jane Taylor gig for them at St. George's Hall. Once it's published I'll put up a shot or two for viewing :)

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Bristol Suspension Bridge

Part of my new 'Bristol By Night' series

Nathan, his mate Mark and I spent a bit of time by the bridge, taught them some light writing and I tried to get the shot I was after. Good stuff.