Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Coming Soon

Sarah Smith's Hot Air Balloon Dresses
Model: Sophie
Photographer: Leilani Winslade

I've finally been back in the studio after a very long summer break from almost all photography. I think I needed a bit of a break to clear out the cobwebs. Im back at uni now, in my final year, already working on my final year project. I'm quite excited about it and can't wait to show it when it's finished.

Sarah and I finally got our act together and shot her balloon dresses in studio today. Sophie, my go to model was fantastic as usual. After a few hitches in the studio, we managed to cram in a full shoot in less than half an hour. I guess I do work better under pressure. I'm working on the edit as I type (sort of) and can't wait to update with some final images.

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